Thursday, 1 December 2016

Blogging question #6: messages from (or for) the future

Our final blogging question is deceptively simple: if you could go back in time to whatever year you choose (by whatever means you choose; don't worry about the practical aspects), and if you could tell people in that era one really important thing to understand about the future of books and reading (without, let's assume, needing to worry about polluting the timeline), what would you tell them -- and why?

Or, as a twist, if you could send a message into the future about books and reading in the present, what would it be, and why?

When we grade this final blog post, we'll take into account the fact that integrating secondary sources will be more difficult with this one. We won't be expecting it, but if you can connect what you have to say to the past or future to a scholarly discussion of some kind, we'll count that as a bonus.

Although this will be our final assigned blog question for the course, though you're welcome to keep on using your group blogs however you like -- they are, after all, your blogs. My hope is that this final question will also help set up our final time-travel-themed class on Books of Futures Past.